TOM CAMPIONE x Maya Rose -
Anthem (Afraid Without a Reason)

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About Tom

Tom Campione is a songwriter, keyboardist and a musician, bringing unique electronic and synthpop influenced music everywhere. Campione was born to a family of musicians. His mom is a music teacher and his dad is a computer-tech entrepreneur. Growing up, he lived and worked in four different metropolitans: New York City, Tel Aviv, Milan and London. It was the streets, scenes and culture from those cities that made him an obsessive music fan and collector, and later, a creator of his own unique sounds.

Till this day, Campione traveled and worked in more than 25 countries around the globe. While traveling, he produced music in some of the most inspirational recording studios in the world. As he continues to tour non-stop, the sounds and songs are here. Don’t touch that dial.

Tom Campione

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